Elegant outdoor styling and illumination is part of every modern home. Outdoor lights generate aesthetic appeal and help with home security as well.

Outdoor lights improve the look of the house by creating a warm and welcoming feel for guests. It starts from the post/pillar lights at the entrance, goes on to the wall features in the backyard, the garden/path lights or Deck areas and help highlight the Architectural design.

When designed well, outdoor lights help provide extra security to deter prospective burglars. We also offer Camera monitoring systems for outdoors that complements such lights.

Whether you’re looking for help with outdoor LED recessed lights for the Patio, for the front Porch, the Post / Pillar lights, feature lights, spotlights, wall lights or anything, we will help install the right lighting solution from trusted brands.

Australian outdoors can be quite harsh and what was once shiny and bright can be dulled with the UV in no time. We consider the IP rating levels that confirm how well these lights are sealed for water ingress and protected against dust particles. We will use the right underground cabling with suitable protection from any gardening or water in the soil, to ensure that it is a lasting solution.

With smart lights and central hub devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can control lights by using your voice. We can help you select the right smart lights and assist you with the complete configuration and installation.

Enquire with us today on any of your individual requirements on outdoor solutions.

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Flood Lights

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