Home RenovationsLighting is always one of the important aspects of a home renovation. This need to replace existing lights has increased with new product innovations and technology through connectivity.

Lighting Products have changed over the years. First, it was incandescent bulbs that was giving way to fluorescent lights and then, that has given way to LED lights.

With change of sizes, old housings need to be taken out and repairs done onto the ceilings. We provide a one-stop shop solution for our customers.

Now, with even LED lights are beginning to go the way of smart lights.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LPWAN technology bring huge potential of customised applications for smart Lighting. The light bulbs talk to each other, enabling the user to control them through devices such as their mobile phones and laptops.

With smart lights, the amount or brightness of light in each room can be adjusted to suit different requirements.

While advances in technology are bringing energy savings and more convenience to the traditional home, it does mean that home renovations have to be planned very well. We can assist you with dedicated planning and operation.