Safety from intruders is no longer what you can leave to chance.

Alarm systems use a variety of sensors like motion detectors, break glass detectors, Door / Window movement sensors to bring alerts. When wired, configured and operated properly, these systems do not generate false alarms, rather they alarm only when there is an intruder.

That is where visual inputs are important when there is a need to verify quickly. Good quality cameras that can operate successfully in challenging conditions are now available. In general, many cameras end up as misfits to the intended purpose of security and incident retrieval footage. The poor application experience of installers is one key factor and unfortunately, that has been discovered only later when an incident has happened.

We study the application requirements and work with the best brands to bring you cost effective and optimum outcome.

We have identified intelligent cameras with motion-activation that flicks on built-in floodlights and offer a manual activation of siren alarm and / or strobe lights. More so to deter intruders, it provides a two-way audio, so that one can see, hear and speak to anyone on the property from anywhere – as long as it is connected on the internet. The footage is generally stored on Cloud storage systems which are reliable.

Indoor SecurityIndoor Security

Indoor cameras must be located discreetly and should generally be facing all entry doors. Lighting conditions and variations are considered while deciding on the appropriate location. Some people prefer the video recording of the home to be made available only on a Video storage system at their own residence.

Whatever be the case, our wiring and installation incorporates and complies with all the Australian standards.

Outdoor SystemsOutdoor Systems

Outdoor cameras need to be rated for high Australian UV levels and at least IP54 protection levels for water and dust ingress. In order to keep the camera at the most appropriate locations, solar charged battery packs help with the supply of power to the camera. Solar packs help avoid the bother of running power to the cameras via underground cables.