RCD or Residual Current Devices provide rapid switch off when electrical devices start malfunctioning. It could be an industrial motor or a Toaster that has electricity leaking onto their body or surface. As soon as earth leakage is detected by means of the current going through the RCD, the power is disconnected to prevent serious harm to a person from an electric shock.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has mentioned in a report stating that 15 Australians are killed in preventable home electrical accidents each year and around 20 times that number are hospitalised with serious injuries. Installing an RCD Safety Switch is a small investment in money, but many people avoid RCDs thinking it is not necessary.

The old proverb ‘Penny wise and pound foolish’ of accepting the harmful unforeseen dangers leading to serious injury or death. There are different types of RCDs depending upon the type of application where they are used.

A RCD can be used in combination with MCBs at the Panel boards or you could have electrical sockets with included RCDs – both will disconnect power when there is excessive current leakage.

We can help you select the right type for your specific application solution and individual requirements on RCD devices.