Telephone, Data & Networking

Is your home NBN ready? Do you have issues with wi-fi in some rooms in your home? The correct location of the modem is important to ensure effective internet access and speeds in all parts of your property. Cabling is just as important for creating the best wireless network at home too.

Don’t be held ransom to your wi-fi modem, ensure you have wired internet connection points in all rooms so that you can connect to internet even if your wi-fi modem fails. Whether you have fibre optics, ADSL, Cable or NBN, call Jo Electricals for installing, modifying or repairing telephone, data, network connections and cabling.

Power Points

If you live in a house built in the 90s or before you probably have only one power point per room. If you have bought a new home, you probably are missing power points at locations that would work best for you. If you are renovating, it is the best time to ensure you have the right number of power point at the right location. Having conveniently located power points makes life more efficient and easier and saves you time in more ways than you have thought of. Changing your power points from old to new can immensely modernise the look of a house.

At Jo Electricals, we can advise on the best location and number of points and also advice on the most suitable choice of power points. Select from a range of powerpoint designs which include: Slimline, Outdoor, Stainless steel, Touch sensitive, Switches with LED indicator, Timer switches, USB wall charger, switches with backlights etc.

We can test power points for safety, repair existing power points, replace power points, change single to double power points, add additional power points, provide power points with data sockets or weatherproof power points.

Upgrades and Rewiring

Upgrading your home’s cables and wires to handle technology often gets overlooked, but it is very important if you want to have a network that delivers the NBN internet services you want, where you want them.