Lighting is integral to crime prevention through environmental design. A confident and tangible feeling of safety is mandatory for any commercial establishment and therefore, security has become a vital part of the priority list. Security lighting is intended to deter break-ins or detect intrusions or other criminal activity on a piece of property. Nothing brings peace of mind till you have or sense that your property has increased safety features.

While offering safety on one hand, these commercial lighting also offer well-lit space making it more comfortable to safely navigate through, on the other. It also becomes viable to prevent potentially painful accidents such as tripping over unseen objects concealed in the darkness.

Floodlights offer pragmatic solutions for a flexible and adaptable means of extra security. Motion sensor lights also have the potential to save money on energy bills and change how your lights perform. They detect movement over a large area, activating when anyone enters a space from any direction. Mini sensors are more focused and require more direct movement but are still a great addition. There are also lights with infrared sensors that will activate when it gets dark out, so you can enjoy lighting that will always be on when you need but will turn itself off when you don’t, saving power and money.

We offer a One-Stop Shop for specific solution that can be designed to provide a customizable and widespread amount of choices to suit your commercial security lighting need.