Ring Wired Security Camera Installation

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Personal security is one of the greatest concerns people have in the modern world. Having an effective and reliable home security system is necessary for anyone.
Ring Security Cameras caters to exactly that. From video doorbells to indoor cameras, Ring Security Cameras provides a diverse range of products that ensure that you will never need to worry about the safety of your house from thieves, stray animals or any other potential threats to your home.

Two of its most acclaimed products are its Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam, both of which are designed for the outdoors. Both products have 1080p HD video, 140 degree vision with an adjustable mount, a 110 decibel alarm, infrared night vision sensors, advanced motion detection, customisable motion zones and scheduling, as well as two way audio. All of which can be accessed directly from your phone through the Ring App; this allows you to see a live feed of the cameras, control the siren and audio functions, as well as to create motion-activated alerts on your personal device. Both are weather resistant, and can operate in temperatures between -30°C and 48.5°C.

However, the Floodlight Cam has 2 LED floodlights of 3000 kelvin* each that are mounted of adjustable mounts. These are designed to be motion sensitive, allowing the camera to capture motion throughout the night. This can be further customised for your personal needs. Both installations can also pair with Alexa and Amazon Echo through the Ring app**, allowing hands-off control.

Both of these products require wired connection to the main power grid. Although they don’t consume large amounts of energy, wired connection ensures that they perform at their maximum capacity, keeping your property safe.

At Jo Electrical Works, we are professionally accredited to install these types of products into the electrical grid of your property. We have performed these types of integrations into a pre-existing electrical grid many times and are both experienced and professionals in this field.

This type of service is relatively inexpensive, and the benefits of such an installation are that you can see what’s happening at home live, interact in real time with people on the other end using the Ring app, as well as see recordings from when the installation detected motion in the area.

If you have any further queries or questions, please contact us. We are one of the reliable Ring Security Camera installation specialists in Brisbane, Logan and Brisbane’s bayside.

*a measure of the colour of light. 3000 kelvin has a similar colour to halogen lamps but is ‘warmer’, yet crisper. 3000 kelvin is commonly referred to as ‘warm white’.
**a free app that can be downloaded on Google Play, the App Store, and Windows.

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